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WoodZymes presented in Woodchem 2019

WoodZymes coordinator Susana Camarero will give an oral talk presenting the project on November 21st at Session 2 of Woodchem 2019, taking place in Nancy, France, on 20-22 Nov 2019.

Woodchem is an international scientific conference dedicated to wood chemistry and its industrial applications.

Energy and ecological transitions mean seeking out alternatives to fossil fuels and require the development of materials and products with a reduced environmental impact. For the forestry and wood industries, this wood chemistry is an opportunity to further optimize their resource or their coproducts through high added-value applications.

Since 2009, the Fibres-Energivie Competitiveness Cluster has been organizing the WOODCHEM conferences. Addressing a scientific audience, researchers, industrial R&D managers, WOODCHEM is an opportunity for all of them to discuss and share their expertise.

Initiated by the Fibres-Energivie and the IAR Bioeconomy Clusters and co-organized by Cosmetic Valley and Xylofutur, the 2019 edition will take place in Nancy, France from November 20 to 22,2019. It will focus on:
- The latest scientific advances in the valorization of molecules and macromolecules derived from wood and its derivatives as well as the chemical and biochemical processes involved in their production
- Feedback from professionals on their innovative alternative products to petro-based products and chemicals
- The 11/20: a half-day special dedicated to the wood-forest sector questioning how to structure a whole economic sector in partnership with Fibois Grand-Est

With the support of ARBOLOR, the Region Grand-Est, the laboratories LERMAB and ARBRE and with the companies NORSKE SKOG GOLBEY, SOPREMA and ONDESS.

For more information: http://www.woodchem.fr/en/