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Check our new PUBLICATION on the use of extremophilic xylanase Xyn11 for a greener industrial bleaching of kraft pulps

This paper is the result of a collaborative work bewteen several project partners. A novel xylanase (Xyn11) with outstanding extremophilic properties recently discovered within the project was overproduced here and tested as a bleaching booster of hardwood kraft pulps. The application of the extremozyme-stage during Elemental Chlorine Free bleaching of eucalyptus pulp allowed to save 15% ClO2 at lab scale and up to 25% at pilot scale, with no detrimental effect on paper properties and with an important reduction of the generated organochlorinated compounds. Moreover, the technology reproducibility was confirmed with another industrial kraft pulp from a mix of hardwoods.The new enzymatic technology constitutes a realistic step towards environmentally friendly production of kraft pulps through industrial integration of biotechnology.